Tuesday, 26 October 2010

in japan

 sometimes it irritates me that this blog is so disorganised and sporadic. I look at other people's tidy, catagorised and beautifully presented blogs and i feel ashamed of my shabby effort.  I've thought about giving up on it, when times have been hard ( busy) and there have been posting droughts. but then i always think, see or hear something that needs to be shared and so it seems to stumble on. I cant really change its form or the flow of posts because well... my life is not that consistent and this blog is a reflection of that.  i thought it couldn't hurt to try n add a little something to the content though.

last week in the midst of runny noses and splutters i celebrated a year in japan! (wozers how time does fly, and to think i was only really planning to stay a year.)  i thought it would be cool to start some kind of regular what's what of japan. a 'japan corner' if you will.  believe me there is a lot of funny stuff to share. island nations we may both be, but that is where the similarities end.

please note; this idea may fall on its face...but what the heck, thought id give it a go.

starting with these lovely ladies. this is what happens to street style when kids grow up on a diet of manga and anime.

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Adrian Hughes said...
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Adrian Hughes said...

I'd do the last one, did originally say last 3 but changed my mind

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