Saturday, 16 October 2010

my laptop has a virus, my phone drowned in a torrential downpour at the weekend, my ipod is on its last legs, my bike is in the pound, my electricity turned off (because i failed to pay a bill that i later discoved under my coffee table) i woke up today with a cold AND  of yesterday im officially no longer young....on the face of it things are looking pretty lame in my world today. but im not letting any of it get to me. no. because... i got like more than 35 birthday wishes from friends. and ununexpectaly good turn out to a last minute birthday shindig ( with only a moments notice) i feeel looooved. thank you so much everyone. 
also i feel excited about getting back in the saddle with the blog. i have some plans, which mean im gonna be posting on a daily basis... or something like that. i promise!!

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