Friday, 22 October 2010


this week i have been ill. every year for my birthday the universe gifts me with  a rotten stinking cold. i can scarcely remember a birthday celebration where i have not been dosed up to the eyeballs on a day nurse/lemsip cocktail. and this years halloween party in tokyo was no exception. the result of this of course is that i have full throttle post birthday hangover/cold combo ( times ten to the power of two)... so that was me this week. and in japan you dont get paid sick days, so for most of it i had to soldier on. inflicting ( and no doubt irritating) my colleagues and students with all the wheezing, hacking and nose blowing (plus a little whimpering too). on wednesday it reached its peak and the school actually insisted that I go that i did.  and sleep and sleep and sleep. its amazing what a few hours extra kip can do. yesterday i felt like a new me and eagerly attended work plus all appointments plus my japanese lesson and i cleaned the apartment with time left to read my book. 

im glad i made it to work. if for no other reason than to see one of my favourite second year students draw 'open eyes' in magic marker on his eyelids then spend the lesson with them closed so that i had these creepy ( hilarious) eyes staring back at me.

 those kids, they are amazing.

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