Wednesday, 2 March 2011

vintage japanese matchbox art.  such perfect graphic design.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

 to move like this.
i am going to burning man at the end of august. it may be the biggest and most excellent party-in-a -desert on the planet. true. but really its just an excuse, for one thing. one thing  that sets my heart  racing in anticipation ... ROAD TRIP. 
what i love about planning a road trip is that for the months,  and i mean seriously months leading up to it i am on high alert for new road trip music to add to my summer playlist. for weeks i imagine myself  dusty and sun kissed, sitting in that drivers seat, thumping the steering wheel and singing my heart out, the wind whipping my hair and the empty road stretched ahead of me.....  immense skies swallowing up the landscape. the fading sun drenching the desert  in milky gold light and the mountains casting deep purple shadows *interrupted by scratched record sound* its snowing here today!!

but thankfully, i am transported to this ridiculous music video style day dream every time i hear a contender for the sound track. 

  i read this line of a review and I was sold. 

If Beach House met the Eurythmics on a late-summer’s road trip, it might sound like this, all polaroid-faded and sunset-red with the wide-eyed innocence of a John Hughes film.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011


this is still making me chuckle hours later. i  love my home town and the people in it. i salute you too, wizard man.

oh my goodness!

the eerie beauty of jason de caires taylors work has just given me spine tingles. the contrast between human form, industrial material and the organic sea life. the hidden nature of it.  like an enchanted underwater  garden of narnia.... like looking into the faces of the ghosts. breathtaking indeed.

Friday, 4 February 2011

im going out in tokyo this weekend. warming up my dancing shoes...

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

...sheepishly sneaking in the back , hoping no one notices a) im late and b) i havent shown my face round here for yonks

i cant even bring myself to say that thing that rhymes with 'crappy blue dear' because really the moment has well and truly passed and it would just be drawing attention to my lameness.

all i can say is i have had things to do, places to go, illnesses to have.....self pity to wallow in... and a shoddy internet connection to boot. staying here alone, while most of my friends went home for the holiday was....well ...lets just say  it was not the best few weeks i've had in this lets move swiftly on and not dwell on my radio silence over the festive season.  when it comes to end of year reflection, i've totally missed the boat. ( i'm still mulling over resolutions which i plan to lay down soon)

on a more sparkly note, my internet connection is now on steroids!! yeeeaa haaaa.

so here are a few things that have made me smile in the first few weeks of 2011... the year of the rabbit btw.

10 pretty things. cats eye glasses are my fave ( much cooler off than on however)

mountain collages.   

the discovery of rice cooker carrot cake!! oh my lordy im giving this one a try.

 im not usually into this sort o thing but this commentry makes me chuckle! 

new babies with lovely names ( her parents are surfing christains!..could there be a more perfect name??)

giant earrings

this book, soon to be this film.

immersing myself in the romance of  this classic in giddy anticipation of this remake (excellent casting of both her and  him dont you think?)

hello sandwich gift wrapping zine ... and guide to tokyo and blog.  she finds the coolest nooks and crannies in tokyo...and evidently has a much cooler life here than me.

dreaming of adding some colour 

surprise ball

red hair

sticker wallpaper

sushi delivery

lindt excellence with a touch of sea salt.

hokkairomy finger tips and all other extremities would sincerely like to thank you.

and thats about all for  the moment but i shall be back.

 ( new years resolution number one. tick.)
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