Tuesday, 1 March 2011

i am going to burning man at the end of august. it may be the biggest and most excellent party-in-a -desert on the planet. true. but really its just an excuse, for one thing. one thing  that sets my heart  racing in anticipation ... ROAD TRIP. 
what i love about planning a road trip is that for the months,  and i mean seriously months leading up to it i am on high alert for new road trip music to add to my summer playlist. for weeks i imagine myself  dusty and sun kissed, sitting in that drivers seat, thumping the steering wheel and singing my heart out, the wind whipping my hair and the empty road stretched ahead of me.....  immense skies swallowing up the landscape. the fading sun drenching the desert  in milky gold light and the mountains casting deep purple shadows *interrupted by scratched record sound* its snowing here today!!

but thankfully, i am transported to this ridiculous music video style day dream every time i hear a contender for the sound track. 

  i read this line of a review and I was sold. 

If Beach House met the Eurythmics on a late-summer’s road trip, it might sound like this, all polaroid-faded and sunset-red with the wide-eyed innocence of a John Hughes film.

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